Vampire Blood Single Wick Candle

7 oz / 198 g

Vampire Blood single wick candle combines blood red strawberry , midnight blooming jasmine , and dark Transylvanian plum

Made with an exclusive blend of soy-based wax and the highest concentration of essential , natural oils in a simple single fragrance.

Each candle contains a leak-free wick which will not burn out and melts consistently filling your entire room with scent

Burn time is approx. 25 – 45 hours. Each candle is topped with a stylish twist off lid.

Candle measures 2.75″ x 3.5″

If Vampire Blood isn’t your choice of Halloween fragrance then have a spooky look at Wicked Apple

Wicked Apple Single Wick Candle – Horror Shop FX

Imported direct from the US by us for UK Halloween fans of all ages




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